What is the average price of a 10 GB internet tariff in Tajikistan? It costs 13.77 dollars or about 150 somoni

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What is the average price of a 10 GB internet tariff in Tajikistan? It costs 13.77 dollars or about 150 somoni

On April 16, 2024, the results of the “Mobile Data Affordability Index” were published through the “Asia-Plus” news agency, where Tajikistan ranked 163rd out of 179 countries.

Analysts, without conducting preliminary research and analysis of internet services in the Republic of Tajikistan, published the results of this rating, comparing consumers in Tajikistan with those in Afghanistan. Where possible, they provided comments from mobile operators’ representatives and experts in the field.

Our goal is not to compare internet services in Tajikistan and Afghanistan but to thoroughly study and analyze the cost of real and unlimited internet services based on the “Mobile Data Affordability Index” in the example of Tajikistan.

After receiving recommendations and publishing the results in the mass media the basis of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan dated February 7, 2009, No. 622, it is necessary to clarify this issue.

The authors of this rating did not contact the relevant government agencies to obtain the necessary information. Their analysis does not correspond to reality.

The authors of this rating did not contact mobile operators or other interested parties to obtain the necessary information. Their analysis does not correspond to reality. The authors conducted a study on the availability of the internet based on the average salary in the country. The question arises: why do their results differ, and what conclusions can be drawn from this research?

One of the key findings of the “Mobile Data Affordability Index” study is that the average tariffs for mobile data with traffic of more than 10 GB are high. The international rating assesses only the most expensive tariffs with the maximum data volume, and a price of 13.77 dollars is indicated for Tajikistan. Currently, there is no established maximum standard in Tajikistan.

The authors of the rating established an average salary of 170 dollars. The average price of a tariff with 10 GB is 13.77 dollars, which is approximately 150 somoni. The main conclusion of the researchers is that residents of Tajikistan spend 8% of their salary on purchasing such a tariff.

The obligations associated with this indicate that no mobile company or internet provider offers internet access at these prices. The cost of tariffs for all consumers is high. Residents of each city cannot afford such tariffs.

To confirm this, one can analyze the tariffs of mobile operators. For example, the “Salam+” tariff from Tcell offers unlimited calls within the network for 90 somoni, a 10 GB internet traffic package, a 20 GB internet traffic package for social networks and messengers, 40 minutes and 40 SMS within the network, and unlimited internet from 00:00 to 07:00.

In this way, examples can be drawn from the company “MegaFon Tajikistan”. For instance, the base price of the “Biyo! Bisoz Life” package with 10 GB of traffic is 49.57 somoni, which is approximately $4.5. Considering the “average size of Tajikistan”, this is three times cheaper compared to unlimited nighttime internet, 50 minutes to other companies, and unlimited calls within the network. As a result, customers spend approximately 2.65% of their average income on purchasing “10 gigabytes”, which is 8% less. Tariffs with 10 GB at a price of 80-100 somoni per month from other operators in the Republic of Tajikistan are also possible with an overall average salary level of 5%, which makes up 4.1% according to the global average.

Why is that?

The average price of packages worldwide for mobile internet affordability, according to the Mobile Data Affordability Index, is $24.20. As mentioned earlier, in Tajikistan, it is possible to buy 10 GB packages for $4.5-9. This is significantly lower, five times below the global average level.

In light of these conditions and issues arising from usage, the situation with the quality of internet services in Tajikistan does not look promising.

It is also noted that informational ratings for mobile data in Tajikistan among 237 countries worldwide, based on 2023 data, ranked 142nd. Conclusion: in the outcome of each study, attention must be paid to objective factors and avoid claims that our country is among the leaders of the global list. That is, a rating determined by internal factors that do not consider the country’s peculiarities and conditions can distort the real picture.

The fact that the authors of the Mobile Data Affordability Index rate Tajikistan above average may not be obvious to us, but it cannot be ignored. It is interesting how state bodies operating in this country, as well as their employees, will relate to this statement about high-quality internet services compared to other options?

It should be noted that within the framework of the strategy implemented by the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon, tasks to improve the quality and accessibility of the internet were accomplished within 5 months in 2023 through close cooperation with numerous companies in this field, which allowed modernizing the communication sector in the country.

These analyses and studies can serve as a basis for further development of the communication sector in the country. We hope that in the future, journalists of the country will provide the public with materials that not only highlight the situation but also fact-check.

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