Information on Rate and Tariff Increases

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Information on Rate and Tariff Increases

Representatives have pointed out that the Communications Service of the Republic of Tajikistan has previously reviewed and published information on the increase in costs and tariffs from all mobile operators. The Communications Service considers such a decision to improve the quality of mobile communication services and establish their pricing to be permissible and to have a positive impact on the economy and society.

Unfortunately, some operators are attempting to raise the cost of mobile services once again. The Communications Service has expressed strong dissatisfaction with such actions, aiming to protect consumer interests, and calls on all mobile operators to refrain from arbitrary and reckless actions.

Additionally, the Communications Service is committed to enhancing service quality, offering recommendations to reduce the cost of mobile services and improve network quality.

In conclusion, the Communications Service is making every effort to expand economic and technical opportunities in the mobile communication sector, improve service quality, and establish reasonable tariffs.