An Alliance of China + Central Asia Think Tanks is planned

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An Alliance of China + Central Asia Think Tanks is planned

On June 2, Parviz Muhammadzoda, Deputy Director of the Center for Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, took part in the international virtual conference “The Alliance of China + Central Asia Intellectual Centers” and spoke on the sidelines of the first session.

According to the Center for Strategic Studies, heads and experts of scientific and analytical institutions of the countries of Central Asia and China also spoke at the event.
In their speeches, the participants analyzed important issues of bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the “China + Central Asia” format and assessed this format as important for the further development of the region.

The participating states supported China’s initiative to establish the China + Central Asia Think Tank Alliance and decided to announce a joint initiative to establish the Alliance.

The parties, taking into account the study of threats and dangers, issues of sustainable development of the region and other factors, considered it important and timely to create an Alliance of China + Central Asia think tanks for a comprehensive strategic partnership and sustainable development of the participating countries.
We remind you that this event was held in a virtual form at the initiative of the Silk Road Research Institute of Northwestern Xi’an University of the People’s Republic of China.