President Emomali Rahmon Attends Solemn Meeting on the Occasion of the Day of Border Guards

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President Emomali Rahmon Attends Solemn Meeting on the Occasion of the Day of Border Guards

The Founder of Peace and National Unity — Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Emomali Rahmon, took part in a solemn meeting on the occasion of the Day of Border Guards in Shahritus district of Khatlon Province.

First of all, the Honorable Head of State Emomali Rahmon congratulated all the participants of the event, officers and soldiers and personally all the border guards of the country on the occasion of the 29th anniversary of the establishment of the Border Troops of the State Committee for National Security of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Day of Tajik Border Guards.

The state border is one of the most important pillars of the state’s sovereignty and independence in line with national values, language, history, culture and other national sanctities.

President Emomali Rahmon emphasized that one of the most important issues facing our country at the beginning of independence was the establishment of border guard structures.

During the speech, Head of State deliberated on the hardships and difficult times of the first days of independence that the people of the country encountered. It was emphasized that the Border Troops, like other units of the Armed Forces, were established during the most sensitive and difficult period of our country’s history, that is, when the imposed civil war was still ongoing. Over the years, the border troops have become a modern military structure and a reliable shield for the protection of the country’s borders and are among the great achievements of Tajikistan’s independence.

The President of the country stated that since the first days of its establishment, the border troops played a worthy role in protecting the independence and freedom of the Motherland, ensuring the security of the state and society, and the peaceful life of the people. It rendered a truly historic service in the most difficult days protecting the state borders and preventing the entry of organized and armed criminal groups, weapons and drugs.

In the era of independence, many necessary measures were taken to ensure the reliable protection of the state border — starting from the organization of detachments and commandants offices up to border checkpoints, to the establishment of educational institutions for the training of border guard specialists.

Taking into account the key importance of training highly qualified military specialists, including for border guard structures, the Government of the country gives priority to this issue.

Over the past ten years, hundreds of young people have graduated from the Higher Border Institute of the State Committee for National Security of Tajikistan and dozens of other higher educational institutions of foreign countries, and today they are serving in the Border Troops.

President Emomali Rahmon tasked the leadership of the Border Troops, especially the officers and teachers of the Higher Border Institute, «Poytakht» educational center and other educational institutions of the border troops, to improve their level of knowledge and professionalism, in the spirit of self-awareness and patriotism, national pride and loyalty to the people and the Motherland, and to pay serious attention to the in-depth study of foreign languages.

The President of the country, recalling the sacrifice of the nation’s glorious sons, said that the Tajik people and the Government of the country will always honor the good name, bravery and dedication of the military personnel of the border guard units, who sacrificed themselves in the line of duty to protect the borders and land of the Motherland, restore the constitutional structure, ensure the peace and stability of the country and the tranquil life of the Tajik people.

It was emphasized that the complex political situation of the region and the world and the increase in threats and dangers require that every honorable soldier and officer, in order to protect the sacred soil of our dear Motherland, do not lose professional vigilance and political acumen, serve faithfully, with a warm feeling of patriotism.

Concluding his speech, the Honorable Emomali Rahmon once again congratulated all Tajik border guards on their holiday and expressed that «you, border guards, should never forget that the state border is one of the national sanctities, and its protection is a symbol of dignity of patriotism and honor of every conscientious young man and woman of the Motherland».